A fresh start 

I read a great post by Yuki over at Y*Handmade, where she talked about the Japanese tradition of marking the change to autumn by setting a goal:

there’s a tradition of setting a theme for the pleasant season, a purpose towards which to funnel one’s renewed energy and focus.

It might be spring here in Australia, but this really resonated with me. Embroidery has been feeling like a bit of a chore lately, and I think it’s because I’ve been purely focused on stitching my own designs.


Whether I’m working on jewellery or a design for a pattern, I find the stitching process a bit stressful – I’m constantly thinking about whether I’m using the right colours or stitches, and every time I have to unpick some stitching, I feel the pressure of those wasted minutes.

So this spring, I’ve decided to give myself permission to be a little selfish. I’ll still work on things for my Etsy store, but I’ll also take the time to do some stitching that’s just for me.


I have a Yumiko Higuchi design that I started about 6 months ago, which I’d really like to finish. I also have some different threads in my stash that I’d really like to experiment with, like Danish flower threads and coton a broder.

I’ll be sharing my projects here, plus I’ve got some interviews planned with some really wonderful stitchers and makers – I can’t wait for you to come on the journey with me!

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